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William Blake And John Keats - 952 Words

William Blake and John Keats are consider one of the most influential and well-known poets of the 1800 Romantic Era. Some scholars refer to Blake as a seminal figure of the Romantic Age; while Keats is referred to a one of the main second generation figures in the Romantic Era. Blake and Keats have both written a plethora of poems in which some share some of the same characteristics and differ in others. Although Blake wasn t well recognized in his time, he was able to write, â€Å"The Chimney Sweeper† and â€Å"The Rose†. As for Keats he was able to write, â€Å"La Belle Dame Sans Merci† and â€Å"When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be†. All of these poems share the idea of death and love. Although Black and Keats are both from the Romantic Era they sometimes contradicted each other. Above all, both poets use a combination of death and love. Blake use of death in â€Å"The Chimney Sweeper† and â€Å"The Chimney Sweeper† makes his work stri ke the reader with intense emotion. By using death and love Blake and Keats get their points across to cause an emotional respond from the reader. Although Blake and Keats poems both revolve around the idea of death and love, they sometimes portray death differently. Throughout Keats poem, â€Å"La Belle Dame Sans Merci† a knight recalls his recent encounter with a â€Å"faery’s child† who tricks the knight into going to her cave. The beautiful woman then sings a song to make him sleep. The beautiful woman is considered a femme fatale, because she brings death to anShow MoreRelatedThe Romantic Works Of John Keats, Percy Shelley, And William Blake1456 Words   |  6 Pagespersistent through romantic poetry creates a bond between the poet and the common man through short poems that express personal emotion that all can feel, as we all are connected to nature. This can be seen through the works of John Keats, Percy Shelley, and William Blake. Percy Shelley was a joyful and optimistic Romantic poet of the time who was concerned with the beauty and passions of nature, creativity, and imagination. Nature is an ever present theme in his poetry as he feels closely connectedRead MoreRomanticism : Romanticism And Romanticism1444 Words   |  6 Pagessuch as John Keats, Blake William, Wordsworth William and other. They came with the different illustrated, poetry that expresses the language, emotion and imagination. Romanticism is a phenomenon characterized by subjectivity of approach and reliance on the imagination, An Idealization of nature and freedom of though and expression. In 1830 some of poets define romanticism as â€Å"liberalism in literature but the end of 18th century it was made cracks to classicism by poet called William Blake. BlakeRead MoreWilliam Blake And Transcendentalism Analysis884 Words   |  4 PagesWe can see transcendentalism with William Blake and his poetry. William Blake, who is a pre-romantic poet, handles his themes sincerely with a mind that is not distracted by the existing opinions such as rationalism, suppression and reason of opinions in his society. Although, he favors the morals of love, freedom, brotherhood and equality. Therefore, I believe he is considered one of the best romantic poets of all time. The majority of Blake’s poems show the romantic side of things such as simplicityRead MoreRomanticism Movement ( 1750-1870 )1223 Words   |  5 PagesRomanticism movement brings some of different writes such as John Keats, Blake William, Wordsworth William and other. Romanticism is a phenomenon characterized by subjectivity of approach and reliance on the imagination, An Idealization of nature and freedom of though and expression. In 1830 some of poets define romanticism as â€Å"liberalism in literature but the end of 18th century it was made cracks to classicism by poet called William Blake. Blake was inspired to write about the ancient thing as likeRead MoreJavier Santana. English 206. May 14, 2017. Death In Romantic1657 Words   |  7 Pagesviewed death, they expressed their vision of it through their feelings and emotions in their work, whether it is seen as an inevitable end to our lives as in John Keats’ â€Å"When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be† or as a new beginning as in William Blake’s â€Å"The Chimney Sweeper† many different poets portray death in very different ways. In John Keats’ â€Å"When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be†, he brings up death to speak of his own life. In that poem he is literally struggling with his own mortality andRead MoreThe Romantic Period : The Dark Alleyways Of The Modern Bourgeoisie1297 Words   |  6 Pagesimagination, the Romantic Movement argued against the artificiality and industrialization that that bourgeois dreamed of. However, this bourgeois dream seems more like a nightmare for poet laureates such as William Wordsworth and William Blake, as well as other Romantic poets like John Keats, who stress the importance of nature and its landscapes over the rapid expansion of an industrialized society. More specifically, writers of this period believe that spiritual and emotional healing is a resultRead MoreRomanticism : Romanticism And Romanticism1141 Words   |  5 PagesThese poets are William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats, and William Blake. William Wordsworth was a poet who wrote during the Romantic period. He is often described as a nature writer. He always paid close attention to his environment, such as weather, plants, and animals. John Keats was an English lyric poet during the Romantic period who used vivid imagery in his poems. In 1816, he met the editor of The Examiner, Leigh Hunt. They later became great friends. Keats published hisRead MoreThe Life Of Dorothy Wordsworth And John Keats946 Words   |  4 Pagessurfaced: William Blake, William Wordsworth, Percy Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Byron, and John Keats. Included in this list should be Dorothy Wordsworth and Mary Wollstonecraft. The eighteenth century produce material that shattered the fundamental’s of society. On Christmas day in 1771, Dorothy Wordsworth was born. When her mother passed away seven years later, young Dorothy was shuffled from one relative to another. Even though her brothers received an education and she didn’t, William willinglyRead MoreRomanticism: Blake and Keats1146 Words   |  5 PagesRomanticism: Blake and Keats Blake and Keats were renowned poet during the period where Romanticism played an essential part in creative art and works. Romanticism is an international artistic and philosophical movement that redefined the fundamental ways in which people in Western cultures thought about themselves and about their world. Poets like Blake and Keats writings were influenced by the fundamentals of nature, human emotions, feelings, imagination, instinct and intuition, reflectionRead MoreA Comparison of Blake, Wordsworth and Keats2554 Words   |  11 PagesA Comparison of Blake, Wordsworth and Keats William Blake, John Keats and William Wordsworth all believe in the depth of the world and the possibilities of the human heart. However, each poet looks towards different periods in time to capture meaning in life. Blake looks towards the future for his inspiration, Keats towards the present and Wordsworth towards the past. Regardless of where each poet looks for their inspiration they are all looking for the same thing; timeless innocence. Each poet

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A Nation s Fugitive Heroes - 2161 Words

A Nation s Fugitive Heroes Worthless, and a waste of our time, that is what many people think about the homeless. Most people fail to notice certain demographics of the homeless, in particular, the veterans. Little do they know that the people who risked their lives fighting for our country make up a significant portion of the homeless population in the United States. In urban cities such as Los Angeles, California, homeless veterans are consistently ignored, leaving them to fend for themselves. There is a myriad of problems that contributes towards the number of homeless veterans in the United States, and since there are so many factors that contribute towards veteran homelessness, this essay will emphasize on the importance of assisting the homeless and on three primary common traits found among these veterans: untreated mental illnesses, lack of education, and physical disabilities; this report will also focus on homeless war veterans under the age of forty years old and who live in Los Angeles. As such, this problem begins with the consequences of our society s apathy towards homeless. People who ignore the homeless also neglect the repercussions that come with them, which include burglaries, thefts, and assaults. There is a correlation between homeless people and their chances of committing crimes. A 2013 research conducted by Schulich School of Medicine MD candidate, Kim Fielding and University of Western Ontario Nursing Research faculty member, Cheryl Forchuk,Show MoreRelatedWhat Caused The Civil War? Slavery? Politics?Social Conflicts?Maybe1628 Words   |  7 PagesWhat caused the Civil War? Slavery? Politics? Social Conflicts? Maybe it was little bit of everything. In 1861-1865 America s bloodiest conflict happened. It was called the Civil War. The Civil War was between the North and the South about slavery. The North was antislavery, but the South was all for slavery. The North wanted to free the slaves to help fight the war, but the Sout h was not fond of that. Some would believe that they would talk it out; however, they both decided to haveRead MoreBlack Slavery : An Essential Part Of The American Economy1744 Words   |  7 Pagessocietal attempts to continue the institution of slavery.†¨ During the United States’ early stages of independence, the American economy was in need of a driving force in order to act as competition to the world’s already growing and industrializing nations. Although it gained popularity in the Americas during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, black slavery had been a common practice in other parts of the world for years before the United States was colonized. The corrupt institution was rootedRead MoreThe Hero As A Hero1529 Words   |  7 Pagescompletely evolved from its original meaning to a much more complex connotation. To start, one category of heroes are well recognized people. They are considered â€Å"national heroes, as defines them as â€Å"a person who makes significant contributions to the development of society and is admired for any of a number of qualities, including courage and outstanding achievements.† These heroes demonstrate the qualities of both leadership and change to help improve the lives of others. One exampleRead MoreFort Sumter : The War Of 18121963 Words   |  8 Pageshundred-gun salute due to an accidental explosion. Carrying their ripped banner the men marched out of the fort and were taken aboard a ferry that took them to the union ships outside the harbor. When they arrived in the North, they were treated as heroes. Lincoln called on state militias to put an end to the rebellion after the fall of Fort Sumter. This in turn caused more states to join the Confederacy. The battle for control of Fort Sumter was essentially the beginn ing of the civilRead MoreThe Negro in the American Revolution Essays1353 Words   |  6 Pagesblack soldiers in the armies. The first American to shed blood in the revolution that freed America from British rule was Crispus Attucks. Attucks along with four white men was killed in the Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770. Even though Attucks was a fugitive slave running from his master, he was still willing to fight against England along with other whites and give the ultimate sacrifice, his life, for freedom. This was not the only incident of Blacks giving it all during the War for Independence. Read MoreThe Fourteenth Amendment Essay2063 Words   |  9 Pagescomplete reconstruction. Lincoln, as the Sixteenth President at the time, was re-elected for president in 1864 and spearheaded the enactment of the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865, abolishing slavery. As the period of the Reconstruction progressed, Lincoln s efforts to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment created much opposition as whit e folks feared the idea of a black planet, and the possible collapse of white people’s social hierarchy and authority, which they believed would in turn, lead to racial controlRead MoreTheodore Roosevelt New Nationalism1280 Words   |  6 Pagesby the Progressive Party in the 1912 election (Spring, 1970). In the address, Roosevelt compares the struggle for economic equality to the one for abolition of slavery fought in the Civil War. He presents a plea for government and citizens to put nation before self to address economic injustice. New Nationalism focused on eradicating economic inequality. In 2007, the top 1 percent of Americans owned 23.5 percent of the nation’s wealth (Pear, 2011). This problem has increased, not goneRead MoreHistorical Anyalysis Essay2125 Words   |  9 PagesSauk and Fox under chief Black Hawk fought for territory in what is know as the Black Hawk war. The Seminoles and Cherokee also put up a resistance but were defeated. The African Americans who advocated change included Frederick Douglass, a former fugitive slave from Maryland; and Sojourner Truth, a freed slave from New York. These Northerners spoke out about the abolition of slavery and African American civil rights. Other people had different plans like Harriet Tub man who was a key leader in theRead MoreBreaking the Law or Civil Desobedience Essay example1642 Words   |  7 Pagesto bring about drastic change in not only the way people think, but also their actions. It was Henry David Thoreau who coined the term in the 1848 because he did not believe he should pay taxes that went to the war against Mexico or supporting the Fugitive Slave Law, both of which he saw as immoral. A key factor in Civil Disobedience is that the offender should generally be willing to accept the punishment for it, as it shows how they still have respect for the authority; the priority is simply changeRead More George Washington: Flaws and All Essay example2098 Words   |  9 PagesThere are many individuals in American History, whom we as Americans regard for their courage and audacity in shaping our nation. We learn in our history classes the great accomplishments of our founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Ben Franklin. One other great founding father and our First President, George Washington was one whom we learned much about. We learn in school that he is as a prime example of leadership, citizenship, and overall individual achievement for his many

Song of Myself Free Essays

In Walt Whitman’s poem Leaves of Grass, first published in 1855, the poet explores themes of the idea of the self, the recognition of self in relation to other people and the poet’s connection nature and the universe. For example, Whitman’s use of tangible objects such as the houses and the rooms symbolize the society. Another example is his use the perfume which embodies the self of one being; lastly, he use the atmosphere to describe the entire self. We will write a custom essay sample on Song of Myself or any similar topic only for you Order Now For Whitman, the self is regarded as mystical and remains constant throughout life. The self includes thoughts, experiences, conscious and subconscious states, and the individual’s spirituality. The theory of self is important in Whitman’s work because it is where his intellect and art is reflected. Walt Whitman sees the self as an individual and also as nature or the entire universe. The poet wants to preserve his own self while fusing with the entire universe. This means that the poet recognizes his need to associate with others and to commune with God. His reference to sex is a metaphor for spiritual experience. The poet’s pleasure stems both from the physical and the spiritual. Whitman demonstrates his individualistic style in â€Å"Song of Myself†. I consider it as one of the greatest poems I’ve read. His experiment with words is just breath taking. As one reads through his verses, one is lost in trance through his vivid imagery. The poem opens with the celebration of the self. The poet rejoices with the experience of communing with the universe as described in Section I lines 1-9: â€Å"I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.  I loafe and invite my soul, I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass. My tongue, every atom of my blood, form’d from this soil, this air, Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same, I, now thirty-seven years old in perfect health begin, Hoping to cease not till death†. In section 2 of the poem, Walt Whitman asserts his independence from society and at the same time declaring his connection with nature. â€Å"Houses and rooms are full of   perfume†, as stated in line 1 of section 2; the perfume is a representation of the individual selves and the atmosphere denotes the universe. The poet is enticed to be with the other selves but he wants to keep his freedom and independence. The poet delights in experiencing all of his five senses. His use of his sight, his hearing, his taste, his smell and his touch gives him an intoxicating pleasure.  Sections 3 and 4 of the poem, the poet reproaches the â€Å"talkers†, the â€Å"trippers† and the â€Å"askers† for discussing things that is of shallow importance. Whitman describes his spiritual communion with God in section 5 of the poem by stating, â€Å"And I know that the promise of God is the promise of my own, And I know that the spirit of God is the brother of my own†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ In section 6 of the poem, a child asks the poet â€Å"What is the grass?† The poet stops and thinks and finally explains that the â€Å"grass† is a metaphor for life and death. The grass grows and eventually dries up and dies. In section 7 of the poem, the poet describes his universal nature. The universal self discovers that he is surrounded by everything good and he is a part of them. In sections 8-16, the poet depicts everything he encounters, genders, all young and old alike, people from different places. He is drawn to them and he considers himself as one of them. The poet acknowledges his similarity with mankind as illustrated by section 17. The poet addresses the entire humanity from section 18-19.   In sections 20-25, Whitman expresses his divine experience by the fusion of the physical reality and universal reality. The poet listens to everything around him as depicted in Section 26. The poet is amazed by the sense of touch and what joy it brings to him as it is described in section 27-30 where he asks â€Å"Is this then a touch? Quivering me to a new identity†. The poet believes that all small things are essential. He cites that â€Å"a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars†, as portrayed in sections 31-33. The poet makes reference to every person in existence and the ones who died; he also gives an account of his experiences in the history of America (Section 34-36). He further explains in sections 37-38 that through his connection to all things dead and living, he feels empowered by the experience. Sections 39-41 states that the poet is transformed to a hero that he would save people from falling he would stop â€Å"the descending man from and raise him with resistless will†¦/By God you shall not go down! hang your whole weight upon me†. In section 41, the poet accepts religion as universal. He believes that all men are divine. Whitman sees the inequality, injustice and corruption in society as described by section 42. The poet embraces all religion as explained in section 43. The idea of death and eternity is expressed in sections 44-49. He explains that everything will eventually unite with God in the end. Whitman feels that there is something greater than death and yet he could not explain it as cited on section 50 of the poem. Finally, in sections 51-52, the poet bids farewell â€Å"The past and present wilt—I have fill’d them, emptied them, /And proceed to fill my next fold of the future†¦Missing me one place search another, /I stop somewhere waiting for you.† Walt Whitman believed that the poet has a role of exposing the truth by using his poems. The use of metaphors not only enhances the reader’s imagination but also becomes an eye opener. It makes a person stop and think. It creates a sort of awakening of the senses that may not be seen, heard or felt before. Works Cited Whitman, Walt. â€Å"Song of Myself†. Leaves of Grass. New York: Bantam Books, 1998. How to cite Song of Myself, Essay examples

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Dangers of Communication Technology Essay Example

Dangers of Communication Technology Essay Dangers of Communication Technology What can a parent do when they have a teenage son or daughter who texts while driving at 87mph? Or they were talking to an online predator? What could a parent do to prevent something from happening? Many people have cell phones and internet and there are positives but there are also dangers and because of that there are prevention strategies to protect people. There are many positives to having communication technology but at times the disadvantages are too severe to cope with. Before being capable of coming to a decision people must first learn the background of were something is coming from. According to Steinhauer and Holson text messaging first took off in Japan because it was much cheaper than making a phone call and since then the usage of cell phones to text message has increased. Text messaging may have first taken off in Japan for money reasons but in the United States it’s just more convenient. In 1999, about one in three people had cell phone subscriptions compared to 91% of people in 2008 (Wilson and Stimpsonn). In a span of about nine years the use of cell phones has increased to about 9 in 10 people having cell phones which can only mean that their needed for whatever reason or its popular to have one . We will write a custom essay sample on Dangers of Communication Technology specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Dangers of Communication Technology specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Dangers of Communication Technology specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In â€Å"Internet World Stats†, the population of the United States was 310,232,863 in 2010 and 77. 3% of the people had internet meaning 239,893,600 people. Although the world may not revolve around internet it is still a part of a lot of peoples’ lives. Although this paper is about the dangers of communication technology people cannot deny that there are positives. In â€Å"Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet† the top two advantages of the internet is communication and information. The ability to being abled to communicate with anyone who has internet has made the earth a â€Å"global village† and it is also a â€Å"treasure trove of information† (Pakhare). More advantages to the internet are entertainment, services such as online banking, and E-commerce to handle business deals (Pakhare). People having internet can watch movies, play video games, or watch videos as well as being abled to take care of important matters such as business, pay bills, and go shopping where you can do it in the comfort of your own home which just makes peoples’ lives easier. According to â€Å"Cell Phones and their Positive Effects on Youth† by Lisa C. Baker the positives to cell phones is communication, safety, engagement and education. Cell phones give people the ability to communicate with people over a distance like if a student needs help with homework he/she can ask a friend or say there’s an emergency, the person can just call whoever they need which just leads to helping people communicate better, education, and being safe under whatever circumstance. Now that positives are done the next thing up is the dangers of communication technology or more specifically in this paragraph, the dangers of texting. According to â€Å"As Text Messages Fly, Danger Lurks† by Jennifer Steinhauer and Laura M. Holson in June of 2008 in the U. S. 75 billion texts were sent compared to 7. 2 billion texts in 2005. This just goes to show that people texting has increased drastically over a two year period and can lead to numerous problems like people multitasking to text while driving or while walking across the street. The problem with texting while driving is that it is a visual distraction, a manual distraction, and a cognitive distraction according to Sandy Spavone the executive director of the National Organization for Youth Safety (Elmasry). The thing is that when driving while texting the person glances down even if they’re not going to respond, takes their hands off the wheel to text, and their taking their mind off what they are doing which could easily lead to an accident. Texting while driving has led to deaths increasing from 10. 9% to15. 8% from 1999 to 2008 but injuries have decreased from 26% to 22% and people texting while driving are twenty-three times more likely to crash( Wilson and Stimpson). An injury decrease involving accidents caused by cell phones can only mean that the accidents have become more fatal which resulted in the increase of deaths. Texting has led to numerous deaths and why? Because it’s dangerous to text. Aside from the dangers of texting there are also dangers involving the internet, primarily child predators. Kids don’t think of the internet as something everyone sees and they write things they would never tell their parents and that’s aside from being completely trusting too (Cohen). Since online predators hunt in places like Facebook and MySpace the most vulnerable kids are easily found with their problems out there for everyone to see and they’re just too trusting in believing people are who they say they are. First predators compliment you, they get your trust, but it’s not sexual at first but over time they push a little bit, and then fall back, then they push until it’s completely sexual and after that comes the final push: a suggestion to meet (Cohen). Predators are clever in choosing the most vulnerable kids and using what they posted to become their friend and what more could an insecure kid want, although they should know better from parents drumming it into kids’ heads about never talking to strangers, than a person who’s nice and wants to be their friend online? To hide their identity the most common thing is lying about their age, claiming to be younger than they actually are and to hide their locations they use other peoples’ Wi-Fi connections or use proxy servers (Hoover). To hinder predators from hiding their locations people need to make sure that they have a password for their Wi-Fi connection and there’s just no way to verify someone’s the age they claim to be short of meeting the person so people need to be wary of who they meet online. Child predators are dangerous people and their choice of weapon is the internet. Child predators are not the only people who use the internet as a weapon and they are called cyber bullies. On the internet victims of cyber bullying has no idea who the bully is and because of that they look at everyone as if they’re the enemy (Hahn). Bullies use the internet to stay anonymous and to play mind games with their victim which will ultimately lead the victims to become sick. The physical effects of cyber bullying is developing eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, having a tendency to harm themselves, attempted suicide, and a mental state of hating who they are (Tanith). Most people have insecurities and the bullies pick, pick, picked at their victims’ knowing full well that they were hurting their feelings. The mental effects of cyber bullying is a low self esteem, give up seeking higher appraisal, think of themselves lowly, treat others the way the bullies treat them, depression, and their anti-social (Tanith). Not only have the bullies made the victims hurt themselves physically but they also hurt the victims’ mental state which will take longer to heal than any physical wound would. Since the internet and cell phones aren’t that safe people have come up with prevention strategies. According to Fernando Wilson and Jim Stimpson the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers has called for a ban on handheld cell phones while driving. Obviously the problem of texting while driving has attracted the notice of company owners and they’re trying to help by discouraging people from texting while driving and building cars with Bluetooth wireless technology. To prevent a distraction while driving people need to start using hands-free devices, always focus on driving, and expect the unexpected (â€Å"Driver†). All people have to do is pay attention to what you are doing like it’s your favorite subject in the world and to just not get distracted because the consequence is an accident. According to â€Å"How to Stop Internet Predators† to protect children from child predators people need to know how internet predators work, install parental control software in all computers, teach children how to avoid them, and to create awareness. If these things go undone children are unsafe in their own homes while being on the internet because their parents don’t know a thing about how to protect them. Samantha Hahn states in her Congressional testimony that bullying experiences used to be swept under the rug but now there’s state laws on bullying that require all the schools to have an anti-bullying policy and consequences for bullies. Now that schools have consequences for bullies hopefully that will discourage other people from becoming bullies and mentally scarring their victims. What a parent can do when they have a teenage son or daughter who texts while driving is talk to them, tell them what could happen, and buy him/her a Bluetooth device. If their kid is talking to an online predator alert the police and hopefully they’ll be abled to catch him/her. What a parent can do to prevent something from happening is learn about what you’re dealing with and create awareness while their kids but it’s not always going to be enough. Communication technology has its ups and downs but it would seem that the disadvantages have too many consequences that hit a little too close to home. The best possible way to help is to create awareness and report things that may be suspicious and who knows maybe soon after child predators will give up because no one falls for their tricks, bullies have no victims because people ignore them, and everyone has a Bluetooth device to avoid accidents.

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Slavery as a Cruel Institution essays

Slavery as a Cruel Institution essays Cruelty can be defined as an inhumane action done to an individual or group of people that causes either physical or mental harm. Slavery, at its very core, was a cruel and inhumane institution. From the idea behind it to the way that it was enforced, it degraded the lives of human beings and forbade the basic liberties that every man deserves under the Constitution of the United States. Three major areas where cruelty was especially prevalent were in the slaves working conditions, living conditions, and loss of fundamental freedoms. Working conditions for slaves were about as bad as can possibly be imagined. Slaves worked from dawn till dusk and sometimes even longer. Solomon Northrup describes his experience as a slave on his Louisiana plantation: The hands are required to be in the cotton field as soon as it is light in the morning and with the exception of ten or fifteen minutes, which is given them at noon to swallow their allowance of cold bacon, they are not permitted a moment idle until it is too dark to see, and when the moon is full, they often times labor till the middle of the night (Northrup 15). The slaves lived in constant fear of punishment while at work, and it was that fear that drove them to obey. Northrup continues to say that, No matter how fatigued and weary he may bea slave never approaches the gin-house with his basket of cotton but with fear. If it falls short in weightif he has not performed the full task appointed him, he knows he must suffer (10). He goes on to explain that after weighing, follow the whippings (10). This was not the end of the workday for a common slave though. Each slave had his or her own respective chores to do. One feeds the mules, another the swineanother cuts the wood, and so forth (Northrop 11). Then there were jobs to do in the slaves quarters, jobs that were necessary for their basic needs and surviva...

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Parole Linguistic Definition and Examples

Parole Linguistic Definition and Examples In linguistics, the individual expressions of language in contrast to langue, language as an abstract system of signs. This distinction between langue and parole was first made by Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure in his Course in General Linguistics (1916). Etymology From the French paraula, speech Observations Can there be a science of language, if so, do we have to stomp on it first to make it amenable? Do we have to murder to dissect, to quote Wordsworth? There are several things the would-be linguistic scientist can do. One is to slice up language in such a way as to have one part that lives and moves about in crazy ways, and another that stays in one place and thus can be dissected to reveal its inner nature. This is essentially what Saussure did, when he distinguished parole (the unruly side) from langue (the quiet side). Parole refers to the actual language use of individual people in their everyday lives, and is too erratic to be studied, according to Saussure. Langue is the shared social structure of language, and is richly structured as a system of systems. The latter is what can be investigated scientifically.  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹(Leo Van Lier, The Ecology and Semiotics of Language Learning: A Sociocultural Perspective. Birkhuser, 2004)Langue/ParoleThe reference here is to the distinction made by the Swiss linguist Saussure. Where parole is the realm of the individual moments of language use, of particular utterances or messages, whether spoken or written, langue is the system or code (le code de la langue) which allows the realization of the individual messages.  (Stephen Heath, Translators Note in Image-Music-Text by Roland Barthes. Macmillan, 1988) The Analogy of a Chess Game The langue-parole dichotomy was introduced into linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure (1916), who used the analogy of a chess game to illustrate what it entails. To engage in a game of chess both players must first know the langue of chessthe rules of movement and the overall strategy of how to play. Langue imposes constraints on, and provides a guide to, the choices each player can make in the act of playing the game. The actual choices characterize parolethe ability to apply the abstract knowledge of chess (langue) to a specific game-playing situation.  (Marcel Danesi, Second Language Teaching: A View From the Right Side of the Brain. Springer, 2003) Pronunciation: pa-ROLE

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Midterm- assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Midterm- - Assignment Example The promotions received are determined by various things, i.e. personal characteristics, appearance, job performance and intellectual capacity. Promotions to higher level need to maintain an impression on the superiors with intellectual capacity and this intellectual capacity can only be communicated through communication that is done through report writing. Reports exist because business needs information in order to function. Every member or employee who is enrolled into a business, for instance workers and staff employees, have some relevant information regarding his or her job that needs to be communicated. The nature and requirements at different levels in business is different. At lower organizational levels the need for information is relatively low. Work assignments at higher levels require more information. Information is required for business from different aspects. For example, the supervisor needs to keep a record of the data on the output and quality of the production. The supervisor also needs to record the information on the competition, new production techniques; new equipment etc. to be specific information is required by every person inany business. In order to find the relationship of this need in report writing, it can be said that the reports would provide systematic information that is needful for the business because a business must have information in order to function